Meet Marimedia's Management. We are always here for you

  • Maia Shiran, CEO

    Maia co-founded Marimedia in 2007 after spending several years in senior management roles in leading marketing and sales companies. Her primary responsibilities include leading the company to achieve aggressive business goals by setting the company's marketing direction and business development strategy. Maia's specialties include optimizing conversion funnels, marketing strategy and implementation, and a sixth sense for talent hunting and development of qualified personnel. She is also fluent in five languages.

  • Ariel Cababie, CEO

    As one of Marimedia's co-founders, Ariel sets the company's business direction and oversees the company's operations, including, but not limited to, all aspects of strategic use of operations and technology, campaign management, business process improvement, risk management and financial administration. Prior to Marimedia, Ariel worked in various management roles for financial and marketing companies, including serving as officer in the IDF.

  • Galia Reichenstein, Media Director

    With over 3 years of experience in the online advertising world, Galia joined the Marimedia team in early 2011. Coming from a PR background, Galia is known for thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions. Having had an international upbringing, Galia has lived in Belgium, France, England and Germany; she speaks 4 languages and understands the dynamics of different cultures. Galia oversees the Media Managers' Department, bringing aboard quality long-term publishers and partners to the Marimedia network and helping them establish and maximize their goals.


  • Tal Feigel, Advertisers Director

    Tal joined the Marimedia team in 2009 as a media buyer and is now managing one of the largest advertising departments in the industry as Advertisers Director. His competitive mentality has influenced the media buyers to be very aggressive in reaching their targets. He believes there is no such thing as "good enough" and is always looking for ways to expand partner opportunities and surpass their expectations.  Tal's specialties include noticing and identifying opportunities, pinpointing key strategic partners, managing successful campaigns, and establishing strong client relations

  • Ronen Ezra, VP Operations

    Ronen began his career in Internet technologies in 2003. He joined Marimedia in 2008 as a campaign manager and has risen through the roles of Team Leader, Director of Business Development and is now Marimedia's VP of Operations. Ronen is extremely analytical and has the unique ability of seeing the critical details in complex information. Ronen's responsibilities at Marimedia include planning, organizing, directing and controling the activities of the Operations function of all the company's divisions and overseeing their performance.

  • Mira Shamia, HR Manager

    Mira Shamia is the HR Manager of Marimedia, joining the company in 2011.  As HR Manager, Mira is responsible for the company’s most valuable assets, its team members.  Mira also manages the planning and operations at the company in addition to recruiting key hires for the company.   Mira has a LL.B degree and B.A degree. Prior to Marimedia, Mira was a corporate lawyer and worked for a non-profit organization as a project manager.

  • Yaniv Carmi, CFO

    As CFO, Yaniv Carmi is responsible for the company's financial strategies, agendas and operations in addition to directing key corporate finance initiatives. Yaniv is a Certified Public Accountant, holding a B.A. degree in Economics and Accounting from Ben-Gurion University and an MBA in Financial Management from Tel-Aviv University.  He has extensive audit and tax experience at KPMG Israel, where he worked as a financial consultant for several leading public and private companies, and has more than 8 years of experience in the financial markets industry.